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Supplementary Entrance Examination holds Sat,5th September 2020. Forms are available at the Seminary. Centre for examination: Seminary Compound Only. The examination starts at 10:00 A.M.
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Vocation is derived from a Latin word voco/vocare/vocatus meaning to call. The call of God comes to different people in different ways. As some are called to the priesthood and religious life, others are called to the marriage life. Some are called for service at the altar, while others are called to give necessary support to those who have left everything to follow Christ.

The Seminary derived its name from a Latin word Seminarium meaning seedbed for nursing vocation to the priesthood. Seminary is not just another secondary school where sound academic training and performances abound, but a place where future priests are trained and formed for the propagation of the goodnews of salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a formation ground, a whole human person is formed in spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, moral and physical areas. A priest-to-be is therefore expected to be spiritually, pastorally, morally and physically balanced; that is, balanced in all ramifications.

St. Theresa Catholic Minor Seminary, Oke-Are, Ibadan has been known for excellence in all areas mentioned earlier since inception in 1900. It has won uncountable laurels in the different areas of formation. It is an institution of high repute which has produced great men for the Church and state. Among the great men produced for the Church includes Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie (Archbishop Emeritus of Lagos), Most Rev. Dr. Felix Alaba Adeosin Job (Archbishop of Ibadan), Most Rev. Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins (Archbishop of Lagos), and Most Rev. Dr. Peter Odetoyinbo (Bishop, CAtholic Diocese of Abeokuta). Several other Monsignors and Rev. Fathers working within the different spheres of the nation and many either working or studying in far away countries like U.S.A., Rome and Austria, are also our proud products.

The tradition of excellence continues with our current set of Seminarians. The best form of academic performance is always achieved through the intrumentality of most conducive school climate, indefatiguable teachers and ever-ready  and well-motivated students, guided by a well-drawn-out and judiciously followed horarium. The counselling section and spiritual formation are not pushed to the background as it is mandatory for all Seminarians to go for daily masses, communion, regular confession, counselling and spiritual directions. A sound mind in a sound body is achieved in regular bodily exercises. Our sports facilities are of world standard and desirable results are always gotten from both intra and inter school competitions. The Seminary still stands out today as the current champion of All Private Secondary Schools Basketball Competition in Ibadan and 2nd best in Western Nigeria. Our Seminarians also put into practice all learnt in the Seminary by doing some forms of pastoral works during the holidays. Both pious and social societies and clubs are in place for teachers and students. Among the many pious societies are Legion of Mary, Sacred Heart, St. Theresa, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Rita and Pontifical Mission Society. The social clubs include Drama Troupe, Dancers, JET, Young Farmers Club, Press Club and Pose-Well Photographers.

The facts above show that our future priests are also called to be specialists in all spheres of life. They are, as a matter of fact, "All things to all men" and "Jack of all trades and master of all". These are exemplified in the different areas of formation they pass through within the six years of their training here. What are you waiting for if God has called you? Check out our admission process in this website or email us on okeareseminary@yahoo.com. You may ask me if they are the only ones called by God and I will answer you that many are called but few are chosen. Even those who are neither called nor chosen have their own roles to play, especially in the sponsorship, financial and material supports of the called. Many are willing to give up their lives in the service of God and are handicapped due to inability to sponsor self throughout the years of training. We call on well-meaning persons, companies and institutions who have been blessed by God to extend their hands of support and sponsorship to us to enable young children called by God give positive response.

For sponsorship of our Seminarians or any of our projects; email us on okeareseminary@yahoo.com or call us on 08037232889. Nothing you give is too small as we shall greatly appreciate your kind gestures. Be rest assure that we shall never forget you in our prayers and daily masses. May God in his love and kindness never dry up your source of goodness and may his continual blessing be upon you and members of your family in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Rev. Fr. Christopher Jolaoso.

St. Theresa Catholic Minor Seminary, Oke-Are, Ibadan.


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