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Supplementary Entrance Examination holds Sat,5th September 2020. Forms are available at the Seminary. Centre for examination: Seminary Compound Only. The examination starts at 10:00 A.M.
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School Anthem


1.  On Oke Are lofty hills stands our Seminary renowned.

     In the centre of Ibadan, that famous Yoruba town.

     Our Seminary, St. Theresa, is the oldest in the land.

     And has always been protected by the Lord's own loving hand.


Chorus:  Dear St Theresa, Alma Mater, of our boyhood endless days

              May we cherish thee forever, ever faithful to the Way.


2. On this ancient hallowed spot youthful voices rise above.

    To beg for God's own guidance and to call on God of all

    We have come here, far and near, from towns both big and small.

    Come prepare to serve our master and to bring his love to all.


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